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Exponential Healthcare was created by Quantum University, a leading institution in holistic healthcare education. The platform was developed with the intention of providing comprehensive support to Quantum University students after they graduate, offering them a robust platform to effectively build and manage their businesses.



The Mission of Exponential Healthcare is to provide unparalleled healthcare technology that promotes the Health Potential of the individual. In this new movement to democratize medicine, we believe that providing instant feedback on client health parameters through Smart phone and Tele-health technology is the key in empowering clients to take charge of their well-being by making informed decisions to effectively manage their own health.


Exponential Healthcare is a game-changing health and wellness platform that offers a turnkey business solution for holistic healthcare practitioners, and a wealth of educational resources for their clients, all delivered through the convenience of virtual care.

With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, the Exponential Healthcare virtual platform provides a comprehensive solution for practitioners looking to leverage the power of technology to expand their reach and enhance the quality of client care. 

“The Exponential Healthcare platform has been a blessing to my coaching business. My clients love the platform and its ease of use. This platform has simplified my client booking, payment, and services offered. The Exponential Healthcare platform takes care of all my business needs which allows me to focus more on helping clients.”
Paul Lowell, BCHC
PhD Student of Natural Medicine, Board Certified Health Coach

Unfolding the process

As a certified practitioner, you’ll gain exclusive access to this comprehensive wellness technology platform that will support your efforts in empowering your clients to achieve new levels of health, well-being, and overall wellness.

The Exponential Healthcare Platform offers a holistic and virtual approach to whole-person care, revolutionizing the way you provide services. With this powerful platform, the possibilities are limitless, allowing you to offer integrated care that transcends boundaries and transforms lives. Embrace the future of healthcare and harness the full potential of the Exponential Healthcare Platform.


1-Custom Course

Benefits AT A GLANCE

Brand Visibility
Boost your brand visibility by creating a tailored coach or business profile along with captivating service landing pages
Empower Client Transformation
Empower your clients to reach new heights of health and wellness through the seamless creation of personalized courses, programs, and webinars. Tailor each offering to meet the unique needs of every client, providing them with valuable content that can be delivered and resold repeatedly for lasting impact.
Save Hours of Administrative Time
Save hours of administrative time by automating some of your most time-consuming tasks. Easily manage your clients by syncing your Outlook or Google calendars to schedule appointments, and tailor your clients experiences with 1 on 1 or group video calls.
Seamless Online Delivery
Easily deliver high-quality health and wellness services virtually through secure and reliable video conferencing, messaging, and file-sharing capabilities.
Enhanced Client Care
Build stronger connections with clients through interactive tools, personalized assessments, progress tracking, and secure communication channels, fostering deeper engagement and better outcomes.
Comprehensive Business Management
Streamline your business operations with integrated scheduling, billing, and client management tools, saving time and effort while improving efficiency and organization.
Expansive Network and Collaboration
Connect and collaborate with a network of like-minded practitioners, fostering knowledge sharing, referral opportunities, and professional growth.
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Increase your brand awareness by building a personalized coach or business profile and service landing pages.

Guide your clients in achieving higher levels of health and wellness by quickly creating your own custom courses, programs, and webinars suited to each client that you can deliver and resell time and time again.

Expand and grow your coaching services while being able to focus on the heart of your business with access to an exclusive collection of curated coaching content provided by Exponential Healthcare – which includes programs and resources that are ready and available for you to use.

Save hours of administrative time by automating some of your most time-consuming tasks. Easily manage your clients by syncing your Outlook or Google calendars to schedule appointments, and tailor your clients experiences with 1 on 1 or group video calls.

Differentiate yourself from your competition and create on-brand client experiences with secure, dependable online coaching software with billing through Stripe and Paypal, private messaging, and HIPAA-compliant features.


Discover a network of skilled practitioners on our Exponential Healthcare Practitioner Directory. These practitioners are well-versed in the principles of holistic health and possess a deep understanding of various modalities linked to the realm of quantum physics. From aromatherapy and auriculotherapy to biofeedback, biology, homeopathy, neurolinguistics, nutrition, psychology, and beyond, our practitioners bring a diverse range of expertise to the table. Connecting with these professionals allows coaches to forge valuable collaborations, exchange knowledge, and enhance their own practice. 

Join Exponential Healthcare to get added to our Directory and tap into a community dedicated to transforming the field of holistic healthcare.

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