As an Exponential Healthcare practitioner, you have access to Exponential Healthcare’s comprehensive wellness technology platform and app, which will provide you with a personal website, professional tools for scheduling appointments, managing your clients and payments, tracking clients’ health parameters, and monitoring clients’ health data from lab reports and wearable devices.. Create programs to support your clients in achieving higher levels of health and well-being, or select programs created for you by experts in their field.

Your clients will enjoy making their 3D body avatar that displays their health potentiality and real-time progress! With your support, your clients will set up their daily activities and menus. Each day your clients will be served delicious recipes based on their unique tastes and dietary needs, enjoy their perfect exercise routine based on their fitness level and goals, follow your news and updates, and participate in your programs, all via the Exponential Healthcare app, or online!

The Exponential Healthcare platform provides whole-person care from an integrative and virtual approach making your clients’ and your professional opportunities endless.

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