Terms and Conditions for Current Students 2024

Exponential Health Coach Program Terms and Conditions


A Current Student is any student currently studying and has not completed any degree program or health coach program at Quantum University.

Program Overview:

The Exponential Health Coach Certification Program prepares you to become certified as an EHC – Exponential Health Coach – certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) or a BCHC – Board Certified Health Coach – certified by the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board (ANMCB). This program equips you with the skills, resources, and requirements to start using Quantum University’s new virtual platform for holistic health practitioners, Exponential Healthcare.

Program Valuation:
The Exponential Health Coach (EHC) Program is valued at $5,600 USD. However, as a current student, you have an exclusive opportunity to secure this program at a discounted rate of $1,194 USD.

Access to Exponential Healthcare:
To access the Exponential Healthcare Platform, Quantum University Students must be a Platinum Member of the Quantum University Alumni Association (QUAA).

Enrollment Options:
To enroll in the EHC Program and qualify for the QUAA Platinum Membership and Exponential Healthcare Virtual Platform, you have two options:

Option 1: Monthly Payments

  • Pay $199 per month with a minimum commitment of 6 months ($1,194 Total).
  • Upon program completion, receive a diploma showcasing your EHC completion.

Option 2: Full Tuition Payment

  • Pay the full tuition at the time of enrollment, with a 15% discount, reducing it to $1,014.90 USD.
  • This option allows you to save on the program’s cost.


Post-Graduation Access to the Quantum University Alumni Association:
Upon graduating from the EHC program and receiving your diploma, you will be granted access to the Quantum University Alumni Association (QUAA) and its exclusive benefits. The QUAA has 4 different membership options, the Platinum Membership is $199/month and includes access to the Exponential Healthcare Platform, Business Launch Program, Marketing Support Package, plus more. You can only become a Platinum Member once you have completed an eligible program, paid your tuition, and received your diploma.

Tuition Payment and Eligibility:

Scenario 1:

If a student completes the EHC Program early (before the minimum commitment of 6 months), they will be eligible for a 10% discount on the remaining monthly tuition payments, ensuring full payment is complete.

  • Student A enrolls in January.
  • Pays $199 in Jan, $199 in Feb, and $199 in March.
  • Completes EHC in April and is qualified for EH Platform.

Student A will pay $179.10 in April, May, and June to finalize their EHC tuition balance. This will be applied manually by the Alumni Services Team. The student will then obtain their diploma and can join the QUAA Platinum Membership in July, paying $199/month, with the first month free.

Scenario 2:

If a student exceeds the 6-month duration to complete the program and has paid the full tuition, they are eligible to enroll in the Platinum Membership only after completing the program and receiving their diploma, unless they graduated from another eligible program within this time.

Scenario 3:

If a student pays the full tuition upfront, they are eligible to enroll in the Platinum Membership only after completing the program and receiving their diploma, unless they graduated from another eligible program within this time.


If a student has successfully graduated from another eligible degree program at Quantum University, they are eligible to enroll in the Platinum Membership immediately, provided they have also paid their tuition (where applicable). However, they have a one-year window to complete the Exponential Health Coach Program.

Diploma Issuance:
Please be aware that tuition must be paid in full for Quantum University to issue a diploma for the Exponential Health Coach Program.

Refund Policy:
All payments made are non-refundable but can be transferred to any other IQUIM courses or programs of equal value. Additional costs related to textbooks, DVDs, certification and license fees, internship, mentorship, and related materials are not included in the tuition.

Certification and Diploma:
By agreeing to these terms, you acknowledge that upon full payment of tuition and successful completion of program requirements, you will receive an academic certification and diploma from the university.

Content Updates:
IQUIM retains the right to make changes or updates to the content of its educational courses and programs at its discretion. The copyrighted materials provided by IQUIM cannot be reproduced, distributed, or exhibited without prior written authorization.

Service Fee on Exponential Healthcare Virtual Platform:
If you join the Platinum Membership and start selling services on the Exponential Healthcare Virtual Platform, please note that this incurs an additional 9% service fee.

By proceeding with enrollment, you are acknowledging and agreeing to all the terms outlined in this Terms and Conditions document.

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