Terms and Conditions for New Students

Tuition: $5,600 (USD)

Quantum University provides new students with a choice between two payment options:

Option 1: Pay in Full: Receive 15% off and One Month Free Trial of the Exponential Healthcare Virtual Platform

Option 2: Monthly: $400 downpayment + 13 x $400/month

The program’s duration is at the discretion of the student. However, it’s worth noting that the majority of students typically complete the curriculum in approximately 6 months, dedicating an average of 10 hours per week to their studies. Students have the flexibility to settle their tuition balance at any time. Please be aware that full payment of tuition is required before Quantum University can issue a diploma for the Exponential Health Coach Program (EHC).

All payments made are non-refundable; however, they can be transferred to other IQUIM courses or programs of equivalent value. Please note that expenses related to mandatory textbooks, DVDs, certification and license fees, as well as internship and mentorship, are not covered within the tuition cost.

Upon fulfilling the requirements outlined by the university and settling the tuition in full, the university will grant the student an academic certification and provide them with a diploma.

IQUIM retains the right to make changes or updates to the content of its educational courses and programs as deemed necessary. Furthermore, IQUIM’s copyrighted materials are protected and cannot be reproduced, distributed, or displayed without prior written authorization.

Quantum University Alumni Association (QUAA) Membership Fees:

Upon completing the EHC program, you will be transitioned into the Quantum University Alumni Association (QUAA) as a Gold Member, unlocking exclusive benefits that include access to the Exponential Healthcare Virtual Platform. The standard membership fee is $199 per month, along with a 9% service fee. However, our current promotion offers a reduced membership fee of $99 per month, plus a 9% service fee. Please be aware that this special offer may be subject to expiration.

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